As Bonnie J. Rough and her husband consider becoming parents, their biological legacy haunts every decision. Confirmed a carrier of the genetic condition hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, or HED, Bonnie begins a journey to uncover the complicated details of her family’s past.

At first glance, HED seems only to be a superficial condition: an unusual facial bone structure, sparse hair, few teeth, and an inability to sweat. But a closer look reveals the source of a lifetime of infections, breathing problems, and drug dependency for Bonnie’s grandfather Earl, who suffered from the disorder. After a boyhood as a small-town oddity and an adulthood fraught with disaster, Earl died penniless and alone at the age of forty-nine. Bonnie’s mother was left with an inheritance that included not just the gene for HED, but also the emotional pain that came from witnessing her father’s misery.

In a time when genetic testing offers answers that can lead to excruciating decisions, even forgoing a test is a deliberate choice. Caught between science and the heart, Bonnie and her husband find themselves faced with a modern moral crisis—and one that ultimately reveals the eternal tension between past and future.

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