What if you could get away with an old friend for a journey into the past?

What if you could get away with an old friend for a journey into the past?

I’m so excited to announce the launch of my second memoir, THE GIRLS, ALONE, a short ebook just released from Kindle Singles. It’s a perfect read for your summer travel. Whether you read on a Kindle or any other device with the free Kindle reading app, I hope you’ll enjoy and let me know what you think!

CARRIER reaches Genetic Counseling students worldwide

Carrier, ready to ship from the offices of Edimer Pharmaceuticals in Boston

Carrier, ready to ship from the offices of Edimer Pharmaceuticals in Boston

This has been an extraordinary week for CARRIER. This photo shows some of nearly 700 copies of my book about to be dispatched to Genetic Counseling programs worldwide from the Boston offices of Edimer Pharmaceuticals. Edimer is the small, brilliant company working to deliver an uncomplicated treatment that could prevent the EDA gene mutation from causing serious symptoms in the next generation of XLHED families such as my own. Edimer is seeking participants for human drug trials, and together with their team, I’m hoping that the CARRIER will boost awareness of XLHED among genetic counselors, who can connect families with Edimer’s promising research.

I had the opportunity to include a special note with each copy of the book arriving at universities this week. I hope it will help to share it here, too:

Dear Reader:

When I wrote Carrier: Untangling the Danger in My DNA, I hoped to hearten, and perhaps even unburden, other families struggling with genetic decision-making. I also hoped to honor those in my own family who have lived with genetic disease—in our case, X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia (XLHED)—by telling their courageous, sometimes devastating stories.

But I didn’t dare hope that Carrier could actually help improve the quality of life for future generations of XLHED families. Then, a few months after Carrier’s release, the extraordinary people at Edimer shared with me the promising story of EDI200, an uncomplicated, non-invasive treatment that may allow affected XLHED babies to develop normally. As the mother of two daughters who may be carriers themselves, I feel fervently hopeful: Perhaps my children and grandchildren will have an easy solution instead of the near-impossible decisions I faced. I’m deeply honored to know that by raising awareness of XLHED, Carrier may help researchers in their drug-approval process as they seek families for their trials.

Because of this, I see now that Carrier is perhaps most of all a story for my daughters and the generations to follow. This book is for you, too, and the families you will meet. I hope you will share my story freely, and never hesitate to contact me if there’s more I can do.

I very much hope to visit many of the programs CARRIER will reach. Thank you for stopping by, and especially for keeping in touch. I always appreciate hearing from you!

New Commentary: Workplaces Aren’t Family-Friendly

It’s getting easier to get pregnant. It should also be easier to be a working mom.

I’m thrilled to have this op-ed appearing today in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune! Interesting comments so far… some of which lead me to think there may be folks out there who don’t much care to have women’s contributions at work or in society.

While you’re visiting, check out the Books Blog! A few days of dispatches (with one in which yours truly might appear) from the Association of Writers and Writing Programs (AWP) 2012 conference in Chicago, where I’m currently enjoying myself very much.


The CARRIER Reading Guide is Here!

I’m so thrilled with the beautiful new CARRIER reading guide, created and provided by the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library. (These are the phenomenal folks who honored CARRIER with a 2011 Minnesota Book Award.) The full-color guide offers an author interview, discussion questions, and other CARRIER surprises. Download and print the .pdf version, or contact The Friends to order free copies by postal mail. Get one for everyone in your book group!

Book clubs, teachers, and devoted readers, enjoy the supplement, and thank you for thinking of CARRIER as a book to share and give. Happy Holidays!

Minnesota Bound!

As soon as CARRIER won a Minnesota Book Award this spring, I got to work planning a string of events that would allow me to bring my memoir to more Minnesota readers. The time for the trip has arrived, and we’re making a family affair of it, departing Seattle on Saturday and hoping the fine weather around the Twin Cities holds out. I’m so excited for these events!

Here’s the schedule:

Sunday, October 9
Rochester Public Library
Reading and Book Signing
2 p.m.
Rochester, MN

Monday, October 10
Dakota County Heritage Library
Reading and Book Signing
7 p.m.
Lakeville, MN

Tuesday, October 11
Magers & Quinn Booksellers
Reading and Book Signing
7:30 p.m.
Minneapolis, MN

Wednesday, October 12
Reading and Book Signing
7:30 p.m.
Common Good Books (at Nina’s Coffee Cafe)
165 Western Ave. N
Saint Paul, MN

And although I won’t be reading, I have to plug the 5th Annual Mother Words Reading hosted by The Loft Literary Center at Open Book (1011 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis) on Thursday, Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. I. Can. Not. WAIT to hear Kate Hopper, Jill Christman, and Sonya Huber read! These are three of my favorite writers, hands down. Oh, and in case you want to whet your appetite, here’s a recording of last year’s Mother Words, in which I was honored to read with Kate and Hope Edelman.

Please help spread the word about next week’s events! Bring your folks and friends, bring your neighbors, bring your book club, bring your writing group. I can’t wait to get to know more of the readers and writers who make Minnesota such a deeply literary State of the Arts!

CARRIER Wins a Minnesota Book Award!

What a weekend! My lunacy in choosing to travel with a newborn was well rewarded last night in St. Paul at the 23rd Annual Minnesota Book Awards, when CARRIER was named the winner in the Memoir/Creative Nonfiction category. I was happily stunned, and thrilled to receive the award in person. This story, from, has the full scoop and more details about the winners in 9 categories.

I am so proud to be associated with a state so strong in its arts support. Last night’s gala was a glittering, glamorous, and at times goofy affair for more than 700 lovers of books, literature, and good humor. I felt so at home back in the Twin Cities, and despite the cold, I can’t imagine a warmer feeling than this recognition for CARRIER. I am so pleased that more readers will come to this book, and all of the nominated titles, in the coming year, thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library and their phenomenal book awards program. I look forward to many returns to Minnesota to meet more readers, in their homes, libraries, and bookshops.

Cheers! And thank you for visiting!

Cast a Vote for CARRIER!

With the big news that CARRIER is a Minnesota Book Awards Finalist, I welcome the month of March with special excitement. Beginning today, readers can vote online for their favorite finalist book. At the Minnesota Book Awards Gala next month, the book with the most votes receives the fabulous Reader’s Choice Award sponsored by the St. Paul Pioneer Press and

Please cast a vote for CARRIER! Anybody can vote, and if you’re a Facebook member, voting is especially quick and simple. There are prizes for readers (including some fabulous bookstore packages), and while you do have the whole month of March to vote, the sooner you cast a ballot, the longer you’ll be in the running to win goodies! Once you pick your winner, please stay tuned. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for April’s big announcements!

Thank you for visiting, and here’s where to vote!

CARRIER Shortlisted for Minnesota Book Awards!

Fantastic news today! CARRIER has been named a Minnesota Book Awards Finalist in the Memoir/Creative Nonfiction category. Here’s the full list of finalists. I can’t wait to check out some of these other amazing books!

Now begins the exciting publicity season ahead of the April awards gala when the Friends of the St. Paul Public Library will present winners. I’m excited to get busy with events, readings, and book club visits! I hope you’ll stay tuned for updates.

Thanks to each special reader out there spreading the word about CARRIER, and thank you for visiting!

Giving CARRIER As a Gift?

If you’re planning to give Carrier as a gift this season, I hope you’ll let me make the exchange more special by personalizing gift copies with the the recipient’s name and a written message. Let me know and I’ll mail you a signed adhesive bookplate for each book you plan to give (and one for your copy, too, of course)!

Happy Holidays and thanks for visiting!

CARRIER: Literary Mama Interview and Book Awards Nominations!

Hello from Seattle! You may already know that we have recently repatriated to the U.S., having said farewell to our dear Amsterdam. We’re getting settled in our newest (and oldest) city, and book news for CARRIER keeps popping up.

Today, you can read a brand-new author interview on the wonderful online magazine Literary Mama. Huge thanks to the amazing editors at Literary Mama for the beautiful work they do!

Meanwhile, CARRIER has also been nominated to the Minnesota Book Awards. Finalists will be announced January 31. I love celebrating Minnesota literature! Even though I’m now found in Seattle, I’m still carrying around a Minnesota driver’s license, a Minneapolis public library card, and a bit of a funny accent!

Since my return to the U.S., I’ve been picking up the pace of book club visits, and meeting some fabulous booksellers. My personal favorite so far is the bookseller who, after a nice chat about author events in her store, happened to ask my name. When I said, “Bonnie Rough,” her eyes flew wide and she said, “CARRIER! I LOVE your book!” Talk about a way to make an author’s day!

Stay tuned for more Pacific Northwest events, and remember, if your book club (in any city) is reading CARRIER, it’ll now be much easier for me to schedule a visit, Skype, or phone call with your group. You are welcome to contact me.

Thanks for checking in for the latest news, and thanks too for visiting!