Praise for Carrier

“An extraordinary book, so beautifully written. … The memoir is a gorgeous love story, and also reads like a medical thriller—I was staying up late and rising early to read it.” —Caroline Grant, Literary Mama

“In this profoundly honest memoir, Rough infuses pregnancy and the specter of terminating it with equal measures of grace.”  —Utne Reader

“In this elegantly crafted, highly literary memoir, Rough … highlights the fact that, since the introduction of genetic testing, people are faced with choices no one in history has ever had to make before.” —Stephany Aulenback, Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers

“What is so amazing about Rough’s struggle with her DNA destiny is not just the impossibly tough choices she faces in planning her own future, but the raw courage she exhibits in dealing with the choices made by the generations before her. … This is a story that will resonate for anyone who grew up in a family with a relative suffering from a chronic illness or addiction.” —Publishers Weekly (Starred review) See full review

“Bonnie Rough’s incredibly intense memoir of genetic testing … stayed with me long after turning the last pages. … Even those with no experience with a [disorder] like HED will understand the grave decisions Rough and her husband are making and why not knowing seems, in many ways, the easier choice. It gets quite heart-wrenching, but she doesn’t back away or waste time making excuses. Perhaps most perceptively, she also points out that her choice to know changes everything for her family—no one can deny this decision, not for themselves and not for future generations. … The reader will find questions and answers, connections and concerns that they did not anticipate. … [You] will be much richer for experiencing what … Rough [has] to share, and grateful for [her] dedication and determination in sharing it.” —Bookslut See full review

“This book has a rare unflinching honesty. … Carrier is a mesmerizing self-study of the human emotions behind all of our decisions.” Minnesota Reads See full review

“Riveting…’Carrier’ is a compelling read.” —Liane Hansen, Host, NPR Weekend Edition Sunday Listen to the interview

“Bonnie Rough’s search is a myth for our time, and her book a necessary read for anyone who faces the implacable destinies of inheritance.” —Honor Moore, author of the National Book Critics Circle Finalist The Bishop’s Daughter

“Bonnie Rough has crafted a memoir like no other: lyrical, investigative, haunting, and tender, all fueled by a powerful imagination and fiery intelligence unlike any other in the literary cosmos. Carrier is boundary-busting nonfiction at its finest. This is a book I will not only recommend widely but teach for years to come.” —Robin Hemley, author of Do-Over! and Nola: A Memoir of Art, Faith, and Madness

“There are many things to praise in Bonnie Rough’s deeply felt memoir, in her report from the brave new world, but most striking are her compassion and her wisdom as she navigates the harrowing choices, the complex choices that medical technology allows us.” —Jane Hamilton, author of Laura Rider’s Masterpiece and Oprah’s Book Club selections The Book of Ruth and A Map of the World

“A beautifully-written story about family legacy and the sometimes excruciating choices women and couples must face as they contemplate becoming parents. Reading Carrier feels like embarking on a journey with Rough, who is a carrier of the genetic disorder hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, which her brother has and her grandfather had. She takes us into the past, deep into the haunting life of her grandfather, then propels us into the future, into the possibility of her own children having this disorder. Rough’s prose is lyrical and her story is incredibly moving. The book is masterfully crafted, challenging the limits of creative nonfiction and making my teacher-brain work overtime.” —Kate Hopper, Literary Mama

“Rough is a fine writer with a talent for portraying subtle family dynamics. When she writes as herself, she is often quite moving–particularly when she deals with the possibility of passing HED to her unborn child and her pain as she receives the fateful genetic-test results. An . . . engaging memoir that provides a much-needed window into how serious genetic conditions affect families.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Rough’s first-person account of carrying the gene for hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia includes monologues by her grandfather Earl, who died when she was a baby. His illness from the genetic disorder—characterized by sparse hair, cone-shaped teeth, inability to sweat, and distinctive facial features . . . is carried invisibly by mothers and passed to sons . . . Readers will be moved by her emotional pain, but equally affecting is Earl’s . . . his is the haunting voice of the past that overshadows the present in this compelling read.” —Booklist See full review

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